Simply connect a 0.95inch OLED Display with Chip Driver SSD1331 to your Raspberry Pi 3

Some days ago i struggled with connecting a 0.95inch Waveshare RGB OLED Display to my Raspberry Pi 3.

Most important thing to say about the module is: It's Chipset Driver is SSD1331 and even of that fact things got so weired.

Retrospectively, it's chllin' easy to get the Thing working and write some lines of code on it to display text, shapes or whatever.

The hard thing was to collect the right information from different websites, partially from other display modules and/or older versions of Raspberry's Pi.

Sharing the knowledge with other technical engineers, that i got from that long evening into night, will calm me finally down, even my display is showing some funny kind of robo-face.

Now let's start connecting:

From the official Raspberry Pi Website an overview about the Pins that can be used to communicate with other devices:

And here you can see the Pins from the OLED module:

Now, we bring this all together! Connect them as followed:

If you want to use a T-Cobbler-Plus for easy wiring, the SPI column would also be useful.

After wiring you will need a driver library and some example code to light things up.

With special thanks to Simon, TheRayTracer (, i used his Python code to start experimenting from:

Some little modifications has to be done:

The PIN-variables, which can be found in (and also in and the other example), must be set to... in the table shown above.

Put the files in the same directory together and run e.g.:

Thats all.

**This guide will also work for Raspberry Pi 2B and any other OLED Display with the same Chip Driver**

#RaspberryPi #OLED

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